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30 July 1910 - 10 February 2003


Dr. Guy Beckley Stearns played a huge role in Edgar's early development. The doctor had married a well to do young widow by the name of Ada King who backed his further homeopathic medical research. At the turn of the century he had started doing research with fruit flies and continued to look for objective findings that could prove the effect of remedies. This led him to be interested in the findings of Dr. William E Boyd of Glasgow Scotland. He purchased the first, and perhaps the only emanometer that Dr. Boyd ever shipped to the United States. Edgar was the doctor's researcher. While published in 1942 with the doctor's name A New Synthesis was basically written by Edgar.

The doctor gave Edgar his first camera, a Rolleiflex, and taught him to use it. They took long walks together with their cameras in Central Park. Explaining that the camera did not have the brain to interpret the image, the doctor explained that a good photographer learned to see what the lens saw and to be selective in placing things into a perspective that would transpose the viewer.

This picture of Edgar's father, on the right, was one of his early efforts at portraiture. It was always in a large silver frame in Edgar's home.

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