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30 July 1910 - 10 February 2003


This photo of Edgar's father, Dom Evia, was taken around 1905 when he was supposed to have been in school in England. Actually he found Paris to be more to his taste and forwarded letters to a friend in England to be sent on to his parents in Merida. Somehow the father got wind of this and packed Dom's sisters and mother on board a ship and set sail for France where they "caught" him. As far a I know, even though Edgar's mother Pauline was born in Paris, his parents did not meet there.

On the right is the home of Edgar's grandparents in Merida, the capitol of the Yucatan. Edgar's great grandfather was president of the Yucatan during a period when it was a separate country from Mexico.

Edgar was born in this home in 1910.

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