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30 July 1910 - 10 February 2003

At the top is a photo that David took of Edgar at Agnes and Ernest Rustia's house in Greenwich, CT. On rare occasions, Edgar could still awaken the "ham" of his childhood that was usually dormant in his adult life.

Below left is a classic day in the county with the 1960 Jaguar XK that Edgar and David had for a number of years in the mid 1960's. He always carried that canvas bag with his current favorite camera to record whatever he saw and to develop additional "test shots" for samples.

He became fascinated with antique cameras and had a passion to always take, develop and print photographs with each camera he would buy. Many times this involved taking an old spool and hand cutting film down to an old size that was no longer available.

Bottom right was taken in the duplex on Lexington Avenue.

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